There Are 3 Types of Blogger – Which Are You?

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Upon launching my first daddy blog (A fathers blog) something didn’t feel right, didn’t quite fit.

I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. Was it the layout? Structure? Design? No – it was the story that was missing, the narrative.

Raison D’etre

I took a step back from planning the blog content and asked myself, whats the purpose of this blog, why am I doing it, what do I want to achieve?

I then wrote my drivers on post it notes and the answer became apparently simple, and in a flash, I knew precisely what I wanted to achieve:

  • To be a world class parent
  • To become self-employed
  • To work around my family
  • To spend quality time with the family
  • To help others with the above four items

In reviewing the above aims, a wider narrative became apparent, as though the fog had lifted revealing a roadmap for the website; the new website that is.

Three Of A Kind

I believe that there are three types of blogger – or indeed three types of creative:

  • The Planner
  • The Incrementalist
  • The Activist

The above types came from a review of personality types as I find it interesting what makes us creative folks tick.

One of my favourites is the work of Carl Gustav Jung. If you are so inclined, why not take the personality test based on his work.

The Planner

This category of blogger will plan their roadmap thoroughly, they will research keywords, hangouts of demographics, their social media approach will be considered and like a cooking recipe, all of the ingredients will be listed before they type a single word.

The layout of their site will match their focus, the style of their blog and their audience. They will even have a pre determined site map for their blog before they invest a minute in development.

The Incrementalist

This type is your bite sized chunk, milestone type. They will plan getting to A and once they get there how they get to B etc etc.

This type likes to make steady and considered progress, they will start with the first bit of the recipe and then go back to the book for the next step. Breaking the journey down into smaller bits and tackling them in a logical sequence.

The Activists

They are hungry, they have a cookbook and thats about it. There will be flour on the floor and food on the walls; they wont have opened the cookbook, and they will have tackled the meal in one explosive blast.

These are the painters who start marking the canvas before they know what they want to paint, they shoot from the hip and follow their instincts in the absence of a long term plan.

Know Thyself

One of the fundimentals of being a creative is simply to know ones self, to accept that you may be biased about how you see yourself – and to not give yourself a hard time.

You are making the world a better place.

If you are a creative, then applaud yourself, don’t ever be frustrated over how you operate and things you perceive to be failings.

You make things, where before there was nothing and that is more than enough; whichever type of creative you are, however you go about making things/stuff – you are making the world a better place.

So take some time to know who you are and what makes you tick, it will make life easier for you. It will make you give yourself less of a hard time when the creative wheels aren’t turning well.


I am clearly an activist. I need no more evidence of this than this blog alone which has been written in place of demographic research if I am honest.

The re-think of the website and the message is also blatant evidence of this.

I am, however, far happier now with the new approach, with the new message and where I am taking this blog – I am so excited for where this could go and cant wait for the journey to begin.

Thank you for reading – it means the world.

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