A 10 Month Old Baby: We Made It The Perfect 10

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Storm Ciara Makes Its Mark

Waking up last weekend, after storm Ciara had stolen some trampolines and made me swerve around a tree as we navigated through the Welsh countryside. I could not believe my little boy slept soundly through the night as the wind howled and bustled above us.

But sleep he did, and as he turned 10 months old during the same night it got me thinking. Our little boy is growing up fast and developing at such a rapid rate – its somewhat humbling to be a part of.

Learning the worm 

In the space of a couple of weeks he has gone from being stationary baby- reaching for the sights and sounds around him – to gaining increasing mobility; and moving towards everything and anything around him. 

Like Butter Wouldn’t Melt

Changing the nappy has become a massive challenge (albeit a funny one) where he simply won’t stay on his back.

He has also mastered, in the absence of a conventional crawl, doing the famed dance move “the worm” to manoeuvre himself around his new world. 

The Perfect 10

Hitting double figures in months is really significant for me and my wife. And sometimes all you can say is “we made it”, Jac is in one piece and is developing really well, although can the same be said for his parents. 

There have been some tough times as with any parenting; but we work as a good team and in the main it has been magical and we have absolutely loved it. 

Next up he will be one year old, Jodi will go back to work and I am taking a new job and we’re looking to move home and who knows maybe there will be another baby to come; if we’re lucky enough.

It’s going to be an adventure. 

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