Supercalifragilistic– Stomach Bugs Are Atrocious

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Now I was prepared for a wide range of milestones: the first word, the magical, wobbly first step; but this weekend we were treated to a different kind of milestone: the first family sickness bug.

This came onto the household quickly following Jacs nappy contents resembling Dijon mustard – too much info?

Needless to say, like dominos my wife and I fell into a fog of vomiting and diarrhoea. Like grey green ships passing in the night back and forth the toilet.

I called into work to be told I needed to stay away for at least 48 hours to avoid being contagious which was a win-win all round I guess.

This latest milestone represents another illness for little Jac after a Christmas cold and frequent bouts of teething.

I leaves me with one sobering thought, its hard at times being in your 40s especially when you have inherited a stomach bug from your baby boy. I guess though, Jac would say (if he could talk yet) its even harder being a 9 month old.

After a clammy 48 hours and a weekend to recover fully, pleased to report a clean bill of health as January becomes February and the nights ease their way lighter. 

Looking back this wont be as warm and fuzzy a memory as when Jac uttered his first ‘Dadda’ – but memorable and ironically funny nevertheless.

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