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5 tips on stress-less-ly bringing mother and baby home from hospital 

Ready For Departure

Pictures the scene – the nurse or doctor pops their head around at the hospital to tell you it’s time to take the little baby home from hospital. 

‘You’re Going Home’

Your free to start your journey and put to the test all the flat pack furniture that’s been assembled and get into the stores of nappies and clothes you have amassed back at HQ.

You can hear the military style background music beginning – you are ready for deployment – but be warned.

Released Into The Wild

I found the process of leaving the hospital a great challenge. We delivered via Caesarean and therefore stayed longer than the mums that had a natural birth. 

We were told we were being discharged at 9am and didn’t actually depart until 8pm; why so long? I hear you ask.

We waited still, until just before 5pm after a stressful battle for take-home meds before the closure of the pharmacy. We then had to re-direct the in-laws to come and visit to the hospital.  We were delayed further by a need to feed and change the baby and then wrap up and carry out.

Best Take Away Of My Life 

All that said, lifting my boy in his car seat to take him home was nothing short of monumental. 

Filled with pride I escorted my wife out with my son in tow to find the elevator was broken and we slowly and tentatively made our way down the stairs and along the long walk toward the familiar solace of the car.

Then began the slowest journey I have ever made in the car. Picture the movie driving Miss Daisey – but in slow motion; that was me, each bump in the road was met with a groan by my wife who was sore and tired.  Baby boy was sleeping and I navigated the 1 hour drive (would have ordinarily been 45 mins) with a painful attention to every detail.

We finally landed back at base, there were now three of us – our journey could begin – I didn’t know where to put the baby and whether to help my wife out first so I clumsily did both.

Top Tips

I found the whole experience one of magical stress, it wasn’t what I had expected or would have planned and if it helps; here are some tips for those wanting to get a feel for taking mother and baby home:

  • Tip 1 – Get the closest parking space – You will be in and around the hospital for a longer period of time than most people. So find the best location to move your car as close as possible and find the best time to do this.  
  • Tip 2 – Plan your exits – If one exit, lift, escalator is broken, what then? Make sure you have a plan B as you don’t want to have to be wandering around like we were adding endless stress to your magical departure.
  • Tip 3 – Expect delays – You are in a hospital and things will tend to move slowly; mainly due to the fact that they are among the craziest places on earth.  So take everything with a pinch of salt and be as patient as possible.
  • Tip 4 – Practice using your car seat – Make sure that you are like a formula one team, packing and fastening the baby. Practice with a teddy so when the time comes to load a real baby, you do so with a rewarding, satisfying effortlessness.  
  • Tip 5 – When you get the green light to leave – Make sure you pack and take as much to the car as possible before you leave with the baby; you may need to take gifts, paperwork, books etc back to the getaway vehicle. So make a few advance trips so your don’t resemble a donkey laden with bags and a child.
  • Bonus Tip – Make sure you have a picture taken of the moment of departure – world class moments like that are to be cherished and no one wants to be rushing around and missing them.

Please feel free to leave any tips you think maybe relevant, for some further reading why not check out our very first blog.

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