How To Start A Creative Business – The 5 Year Plan

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Ever find yourself working in a job and questioning; what the hell am I doing working for someone else? I have skills, creative talent, I have things inside me that can make money and no, I don’t mean organ donation. I mean an intrinsic skill, a talent to make something where before there was nothing.

Sound like you? Then read on

I am in what can only be described as the washing machine phase of running a creative business.  You know what you have in the barrel and rather than simply being able to deliver your end product, you feel underwater with the whole world spinning around you.   You believe that this cycle will come to an end and also that things will all come out smelling of roses.

If like me, you are a creative, I think it’s sometimes tougher to be the hard-nosed businessperson that you need to be, because creative people are, by nature, programmed to create and move on. To paint a picture and then start with a new canvas.

In business therefore we find it hard to run through a long-term marketing campaign, to slowly build a business, to be steadfast and patient. We want ‘new’ and we want it fast so we can move onto the next ‘new’ thing whatever that may look like.

So, I thought I would write a blog, simplifying a tried and tested approach to starting in business.  This is simply to begin at the very beginning and to draft a business plan.  So, if you find yourself meandering with an idea, unable to settle on a game plan, jumping from idea to idea; please consider this simple question:

Where Do I Want to Be In 5 Years?

This is a simple question, one that will doubtless have different answers for all who hear it.  But for you, the budding creative entrepreneur; the answer to this question could well change your life.

So, get a pen and paper, sit down somewhere without distraction and write down the answer, in no more than two lines.

Then, dear reader, you have the beginnings of something. The beginnings of something powerful, something wonderful; a new life, a new job, one that takes into account all of your god given power, your talents; that which makes you a creative. 

If you are not using those talents, then you know if your heart of hearts that this is the time to make a change.

The next step is to write a high-level outline of how you will get there, for example:

‘In 5 years’, time I want to be a full-time Voice Artist’

I will need the following:

A voice coach (coaches), equipment, a recording studio, new friends who are voice artists, clients, do voluntary work to build experience, make as much money coming in from voice work as my current job; save up three months’ salary as a contingency.

The next step of planning is to build a high-level strategy that will get you where you want to be – obtaining all that is needed and rolling that out over a 5-year period.

It could be that to start saving 3 months salary over 5 years right now, to look at entry level equipment costs, coaches who may be affordable in the immediate term.

The Power of the 5 Year Plan

All of these things suddenly become real, and when spaced out in a realistic plan over 5 years can help you start something incredible.

You become to understand what’s needed to get you where you want to be. Yes, you may be able to get there faster, but this is all about…getting there.

So, stop daydreaming, start acting, start planning and start moving forward. At least then, when you’re in the washing machine like I am at the moment, you will know it’s all for the right reasons; and that your headed in the right direction. 

In our next entrepreneurship blog we will look at some more nuts and bolts aspects you will need to take your business idea forward.

Good luck.

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