The Journey

Becoming A Self-Employed Parent

This blog is dedicated to being a world class dad and at the same time working with my wife to become self employed; using this platform as the vehicle for sharing our journey as a means for helping others.

I want to use this website to track the lessons learned and demonstrate how others can be successful in becoming self-employed. By mapping out a clear path to get to where we all want to be.

Family First

I have worked with new, growing businesses and social enterprises for over a decade and feel the time is right to use these skills to start my own business and build my life around my family.

Being Your Own Boss

I am a qualified teacher and want to put together all of my skillsets to create a meaningful pathway for other parents to learn lessons, share experiences and develop a community of parent entrepreneurs.

Its such a shame that parents have to rush to and from work seeing their children for 30-45 minutes at breakfast and before they go to bed.

There must be another way!

This site will be focussed on spending world class time with ‘the fam’ and building a supportive community of budding entrepreneurs; to enable even more quality time together.

Husband & Wife Team

My wife and I are working hard, behind the scenes, to become self-employed. I am proud of my wife’s creativity and vigour in beginning her journey with FM Fragrances.

I think together we can make a great team and can also help a lot of people escape the rat race.

Becoming The Best Dad Ever

The picture below is little Jac, since his arrival our lives have changed completely. I find myself learning all the time, checking out milestones, understanding what I can cook for him and how I can be a better parent.

Chilling with my shades on

This blog will also be an honest account, from a dad’s perspective in navigating the weird and wonderful, sleep deprived magic that is parenting and also starting a business.

Please feel free to check out the content, let us know if you have something to add or share or if you have a question.

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